Research news: employees’ perceptions of their future; gendered ageism; leveraging mature workers

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Occupational Future Time Perspective: A Meta-Analysis of Antecedents and Outcomes Rudolph, C., Kooij, D., Rauvola, R., & Zacher, H. (2018). Occupational future time perspective: A meta‐analysis of antecedents and outcomes. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(2), 229–248. Occupational future time perspective (OFTP) refers to employees’ perceptions of their future in the employment context. Based [...]

Research news: older worker precarity; ageism in the labour market

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Understanding Older Worker Precarity Lain, D. et al (2019). Understanding Older Worker Precarity: The Intersecting Domains of Jobs, Households and the Welfare State. Ageing & Society, 39, 2219–2241 doi:10.1017/S0144686X18001253 We argue that many older workers, not just those in ‘precarious jobs’, feel a sense of ‘onto- logical precarity’. Pressures to work longer, [...]

3 strategies to help harness the benefits of a mature workforce

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3 strategies to help harness the benefits of a mature workforce New Curtin University-led research has identified how organisations can overcome the so-called ‘challenge’ of Australia’s ageing workforce in order to reap the benefits of an age diverse workforce. The research, published in Work, Ageing and Retirement, identified three types of strategies, known [...]

Mature aged workers: latest research June 2019

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CEPAR Chief Investigator Marian Baird and researcher Alison Williams attended the 8th International Community, Work & Family Conference in Valletta, Malta in May 2019. Here’s some snippets of the latest research from Europe and the USA on flexible working, family-friendly work practices, employer support for working carers and employee engagement – all topics [...]

Introduction to CEPAR workshop

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Perth, 11 April 2019 Representatives from organisations with an interest in the strategic necessity and competitive advantages associated with employing mature workers joined the CEPAR team for an afternoon tea workshop in Perth on 11 April 2019. The workshop was an opportunity for attendees to hear about our new research strategy and [...]