What is the M-WOS Survey?

M-WOS stands for Mature Workers in Organisations Survey. The survey is one of the core elements of our research and will provide exciting, new and rich data on organisations and mature workers in Australia.

Two main components to M-WOS

1. Longitudinal survey of individuals in organisations

We are collecting data from within each participating organisation, with all individuals over the age of 45 years surveyed every two years, along with matched younger peers surveyed on similar measures to provide a point of comparison.

The longitudinal design of the study enables:

  • Assessment of causality
  • Capturing the effects of any naturally-occurring changes occurring within the workplace (such as the introduction of new technology and/or new policies) or interventions
  • Continuous tracking of individuals who move into retirement and/or bridging forms of employment (that is, the design will be simultaneously individual and organisational).

2. Detailed policy review

A policy review is carried out within each organisation or business unit to determine how particular policies and practices have evolved. We collect policy data when organisations enter the research study, as well as any changes in policies that occur throughout its duration.

Other strategies which possibly may be implemented in participating organisations include:

  1. Review of HR practices.
  2. Focused interviews with key informants.
  3. Case studies.

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