The ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) is a unique collaboration between academia, government and industry, committed to delivering solutions to one of the major economic and social challenges of the 21st century.

CEPAR seeks to have a major impact on policy and business practice by providing evidence to enable individuals, business and governments to respond better to demographic change and improve wellbeing.

Mature Workers and Organisations

CEPAR’s current research program, running from 2017-2023, is organised into four closely interlinked streams which draw on the expertise of actuaries, demographers, economists, epidemiologists, psychologists and sociologists. Each project combines with others to deliver innovative and comprehensive research outputs across multiple disciplines. The four streams are:

  • Macro-demographic dynamics and population ageing policy

  • Decision making, expectations and cognitive ageing

  • Organisations and the mature workforce

  • Sustainable wellbeing in later life

Meet the Research Team

Our researchers are based at the Centre for Transformative Work Design within the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University (Perth) and the Department of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney.

Sharon Parker, PhD
Sharon Parker, PhDChief Investigator
Sharon Parker is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Curtin Graduate Business School and an Honorary Professor at the University of Sheffield. She is a recipient of the Australian Research Council’s Kathleen Fitzpatrick Award, and is the Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, which is part of Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute, in Perth, Western Australia. Sharon’s research focuses particularly on job and work design, and she is also interested in proactive behaviour, change, well-being, development, and job performance.
Marian Baird, PhD
Marian Baird, PhD Chief Investigator
Marian Baird AO is Professor of Gender and Employment Relations at the University of Sydney, Australia. Marian is a Pro-Chancellor of the University of Sydney and a Fellow of the Senate of the University of Sydney. She is Head of the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies and Co-Director of the Women, Work and Leadership Research Group in the University of Sydney Business School. Marian was awarded an AO (Officer of the Order of Australia) for outstanding services to improving the quality of women’s working lives and for contributions to tertiary education in 2016. She is one of Australia’s leading researchers in the fields of women, work and care.
Daniela Andrei, PhD
Daniela Andrei, PhDReseach Fellow
Daniela is a Research Fellow at Curtin University’s Centre for Transformative Work Design, and the Centre for Safety. She specialises in Work Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Organisational Psychology. Her current research revolves around unpacking the antecedents of work design behaviours, understanding leadership functions and team processes in incident management teams, as well as the interplay between safety and employee well-being.
Andreea Constantin, PhD
Andreea Constantin, PhDResearch Fellow
Andreea is a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney where her main research interests are work-life balance policies, mature workers, outside-work care, gender roles within and outside organisations. Andreea’s research interests also include big data, survey methodology and cross-cultural studies.
Gretchen “Gigi” Petery, PhD
Gretchen “Gigi” Petery, PhDResearch Fellow
Gigi is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Transformative Work Design, Curtin University. Her research focuses on workplace age discrimination, successful ageing at work, alternative measures of age, and worker health and well-being. Gigi also has over 20 years of business experience, including corporate management roles and as a business owner.
Alison Williams, M Com
Alison Williams, M ComResearch Associate
Alison a Research Associate at the University of Sydney, where she also teaches in Industrial Relations Policy. Alison has specific expertise in analysis and communication of workplace-related legislative changes and implications of legal decisions, as well as the provision of advice to a varied audience on Human Resources policy, practices and procedures.
Lucinda Isles
Lucinda Isles
Lucinda is a Research Officer at the Centre for Transformative Work Design, Curtin University and is in the final stages of completing her Masters of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. She has expertise in applying work design principles to optimise employee mental health and wellbeing, and in effective workplace interventions.

“The two big questions are:

  1. How do we ‘keep’ mature aged workers in work?
  2. If mature workers stay in work, how do we maximise their productivity and their health?”
Prof Sharon Parker, Chief Investigator

Research Focus

There is an urgent need for research into how to attract, retain and engage mature workers.


We want to collaborate with organisations who are keen to address the crucial challenges associated with work and ageing.


Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we customise the tools, techniques, and measures to best fit your organisation’s needs.


Five ways your organisation can benefit

The Mature Workers in Organisations Project

We can help your organisation identify opportunities to establish or expand your age diversity initiatives.

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