Mature Workers in Organisations (MWOS) Virtual Symposium Series

The Mature Workers in Organisations (MWOS) Virtual Symposium Series is hosted by CEPAR’s Organisations and the Mature Workforce research stream, based at the Centre’s Curtin University and University of Sydney nodes, with the aim of encouraging interaction between academic researchers from a broad range of disciplines as well as from industry and government.


Please contact Alison Williams at the University of Sydney or Leah Zoszak at Curtin University if you would like to be added to the Mature Workforce Online Symposium Seminar Series mailing list.

Symposium Titles

  • May 2021

    Older women and the Australian workplace: What do they want and what do they think of their jobs?

  • June 2021

    How do I get organisations to take part in my intervention research?