Research news: employers discriminate on age at in-person interviews

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Strong evidence employers discriminate on age at in-person interviews Newmark, D. (2020). Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from Age-Blind vs. Non-Age-Blind Hiring Procedures. NBER Working Paper No. 26623, January 2020, JEL No. J14,J7. I study age discrimination in hiring, exploiting a difference between age-revealed and [...]

Sharon Parker recognised among the world’s most influential scientists

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Congratulations Sharon! Mature Workers in Organisations Chief Investigator, Prof. Sharon Parker, has been named among the world’s most influential scientists and social scientists in the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers list released by the Web of Science Group. The annual edition acknowledges world-class researchers for their exceptional research, which is demonstrated by [...]

Research news: work satisfaction | flexible work & retirement savings | gender roles | more

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Age and work satisfaction | Flexible work's influence on retirement savings | Gender roles and employment pathways | Reactions to age stereotypes Age, Person–Environment Fit and Work Satisfaction Rauvola, R. S., Rudolph, C. W., Ebbert, L. K., & Zacher, H. (2019). Person–Environment Fit and Work Satisfaction: Exploring the Conditional [...]

Mature workers news roundup – December 2019

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Editor’s picks News highlights from around the world on mature workers for December 2019, including: older women increasingly in the workforce; Deutsche Telekom accused of humiliating age discrimination and harassment; elderly South Koreans working ‘until they die’; companies investing in multi-generational workers; and the case of the 79-year-old flight attendant [...]

Listen as The World Today (ABC) discusses our Report

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ABC Current Affairs program The World Today featured our Report Maximising Potential: Findings from the Mature Workers in Organisations Survey (MWOS) on their program on the day of its release. "Australia is entering a period of unprecedented population ageing as we live and work longer than every before. And the first large-scale survey [...]

Our new report highlights challenges for mature workers in Australia

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Maximising Potential: Findings from the Mature Workers in Organisations Survey (MWOS) Our new report, released today, finds that mature workers across Australia feel excluded in today’s workforce and have limited development opportunities and flexible working arrangements, compared to the younger population. We conducted a national benchmarking survey of mature workers to [...]

CEPAR to host prestigious USA panel in 2020

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CEPAR’s team from Curtin University will hold a panel discussion on Effective Management of an Age-Diverse Workforce during the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology conference. The conference will be held in Austin Texas in April 2020. Dr Daniela Andrei and Dr Gigi Petery will moderate the panel discussion with four [...]

Research news: future selves | gender | leveraging older workers

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Research news: Employees’ perceptions of their future | Gendered ageism | Leveraging mature workers Occupational Future Time Perspective: A Meta-Analysis of Antecedents and Outcomes Rudolph, C., Kooij, D., Rauvola, R., & Zacher, H. (2018). Occupational future time perspective: A meta‐analysis of antecedents and outcomes. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(2), 229–248. Occupational future [...]

Research news: older worker precarity; ageism in the labour market

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Understanding Older Worker Precarity Lain, D. et al (2019). Understanding Older Worker Precarity: The Intersecting Domains of Jobs, Households and the Welfare State. Ageing & Society, 39, 2219–2241 doi:10.1017/S0144686X18001253 We argue that many older workers, not just those in ‘precarious jobs’, feel a sense of ‘onto- logical precarity’. Pressures to work longer, [...]

3 strategies to help harness the benefits of a mature workforce

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3 strategies to help harness the benefits of a mature workforce New Curtin University-led research has identified how organisations can overcome the so-called ‘challenge’ of Australia’s ageing workforce in order to reap the benefits of an age diverse workforce. The research, published in Work, Ageing and Retirement, identified three types of strategies, known [...]