Latest published research from our Investigators and Associated Investigators

Find links here to the published research from CEPAR Stream 3 Investigators and Associate Investigators (AIs). Our Investigators and AIs are located at major Australian and international universities and are at the forefront of research into mature workers.

Include, Individualize, and Integrate: 3 strategies for mature workers

Sharon K Parker and Daniela M Andrei (2019) Include, Individualize, and Integrate: Organizational Meta-strategies for Mature Workers. Work, Aging and Retirement, waz009,

Will you still hire me when I am over 50?

Zaniboni, S., Kmicinska, M., Truxillo, D. M., Kahn, K., Paladino, M. P., & Fraccaroli, F. (2019). Will you still hire me when I am over 50? The effects of implicit and explicit age stereotyping on resume evaluations. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 1-15.

Age, job fit and retirement

Beier, M. E., Torres, W. J., Fisher, G. G., & Wallace, L. E. (2019). Age and job fit: The relationship between demands-ability fit and retirement and health. Journal of occupational health psychology.

Eldercare and Childcare: Caregiving and Job Discrimination

Henle, C. A., Fisher, G. G., McCarthy, J., Prince, M. A., Mattingly, V. P., & Clancy, R. L. (2019). Eldercare and Childcare: How Does Caregiving Responsibility Affect Job Discrimination? Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-25.

Theories of Cognitive Ageing and Work

Fisher, G. G., Chacon, M., & Chaffee, D. S. (2019). Theories of Cognitive Aging and Work. In Work Across the Lifespan(pp. 17-45). Academic Press.

Eldercare and Work Among Informal Caregivers

Clancy, R. L., Fisher, G. G., Daigle, K. L., Henle, C. A., McCarthy, J., & Fruhauf, C. A. (2019). Eldercare and work among informal caregivers: A multidisciplinary review and recommendations for future research. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-19.