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Age 91 Profession Bunnings team member Research on mature workers shows that retaining healthy and productive mature workers is not only valuable from an organisational perspective, but from an individual perspective too. Meet Harold, who is Bunnings oldest worker. Harold originally trained as originally [...]

Leonora Brown

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Age 74 years Profession Aged care worker Achievements Multiple degrees and careers including in horticulture. Left the workforce at age 62 to care for her mother. Retrained and entered the aged care workforce in at age 74, working 3 days per week. Works for increased personal meaning in mature years: [...]

Katalin Karikó

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Age 66 years Profession Biochemist (specialises in RNA-mediated mechanisms) Position Senior Vice President BioNTech Achievements Co-founded and was CEO of RNARx, adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania Co-discovery of nucleoside modifications that suppress the immunogenicity of RNA Current recipient of the Vilcek Prize for Excellence in Biotechnology [...]

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