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Age 91 Profession Bunnings team member Research on mature workers shows that retaining healthy and productive mature workers is not only valuable from an organisational perspective, but from an individual perspective too. Meet Harold, who is Bunnings oldest worker. Harold originally trained as originally [...]

Mature workers news round up – July 2021

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Editor's picks Latest news from around the world on mature workers for July 2021. Good management and software design can help older workers thrive with IT-based tasks The capacity to perform work tasks that require using organisational IT tends to decline with age. Stefan Tams finds that this happens [...]

Mature workers news round up – June 2021

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Editor's picks Latest news from around the world on mature workers for June 2021. America's workforce is graying, and ageism could cost the economy trillions of dollars The American population is aging, and businesses will need to adapt to an older workforce. An AARP study suggests that age discrimination [...]

Research | Subjective vs chronological age | Motivational effect on retirement plans

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Comparing subjective and chronological age diversity | Older workers’ post-retirement plans depend on type of motivation Comparing subjective and chronological age diversity Florian Kunze  Stephan A. Boehm  Heike Bruch (2021). It matters how old we feel in organizations: Testing a multilevel model of organizational subjective‐age diversity on employee [...]

Research: feelings about age and effective organisations

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These research papers present interesting findings about how people feel about their ages and their effectiveness at work. Feeling out of place: Internalized age stereotypes are associated with older employees’ sense of belonging and social motivation The effect of age on daily positive emotions and work behaviors Age and context effects [...]

Congratulations to GHD!

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GHD, one of our industry partners, has been named by Human Resources Director magazine’s as one of Australia’s 30 most innovative HR teams for 2020. Every year, GHD organises an event called Inclusion Day to help educate and raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and the different aspects of diversity. In [...]

Age Diversity Management Model

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CEPAR's Age Diversity Management Model, developed by Prof Sharon Parker and Dr Daniela Andrei at Curtin University, categorises the key ingredients necessary for managing an age-diverse workforce. These ingredients are explained below:

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