Editor’s highlights

August 2019

Employers needing to help workers in mid-life prepare for their futures was a theme on several continents this month, while a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) emphasises the need for governments to focus on providing better job opportunities for mature workers. Another report which got a lot of attention was from the UK think tank the Centre for Social Justice which proposed raising the UK pension age to 75. Employers may need to think about creating a reward structure for workers over-65 if that comes to pass, or mature workers may end up succeeding as small business owners instead.

This month’s fun read examines a US reality TV show which takes real-life contestants through the recruiting process in the tech industry while exposing the prejudice – including age –  they face. Meanwhile, the advent of AI in recruiting has real risks for creating in-built bias.

More news on mature workers from around the world below.