CEPAR’s team from Curtin University will hold a panel discussion on Effective Management of an Age-Diverse Workforce during the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology conference. The conference will be held in Austin Texas in April 2020.

Dr Daniela Andrei and Dr Gigi Petery will moderate the panel discussion with four world-renowned experts. They will discuss how to translate research into aging at work into effective organisational actions and practices. Two of those experts are also CEPAR Associate Investigators – Associate Professor Gwen Fisher from Colorado State University and Professor Barbara Griffin from Macquarie University.

The inclusion of this panel discussion recognises the need for practical organisational guidance for the most effective ways to approach the phenomenon of the ageing workforce – which is currently extremely limited. Topics will include reducing barriers, modifying work, and maximising the advantages of age diversity.

Congratulations to our team and we are looking forward to publishing some tips for employers from this discussion.

Dr Daniela Andrei

Dr Daniela Andrei

Dr Gigi Petery