Age Diversity Management Model

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CEPAR's Age Diversity Management Model, developed by Prof Sharon Parker and Dr Daniela Andrei at Curtin University, categorises the key ingredients necessary for managing an age-diverse workforce. These ingredients are explained below:


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Join our research We are looking to collaborate with organisations who: Are keen to attract, retain and promote the flourishing of their mature workers Have, or are interested in having, elder care policies Are planning to pilot interventions aimed at their mature workers [...]


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Five ways your organisation can benefit We provide our research collaborators with the following benefits: 1. Customised policy review highlighting good work practices. 2. Tailored employee perceptions survey feedback report, with actionable recommendations. 3. Guidance for planning change interventions in your organisation. 4. Review and [...]


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Engage Example of a typical research collaboration Our engagement with our research collaborators is tailored to meet each organisation's unique needs. Most collaborations with organisations in this project have five distinct parts: 1. Needs analysis Understand the strengths and the challenges [...]


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Research-focused approach We are in the midst of a global ageing phenomenon which impacts all levels of society, including the workforce. The trend towards an older workforce means it is important to understand the role work plays in facilitating successful ageing. Creating work that preserves the [...]

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